Success Stories


Man of my dreams in Canada!

Hi there -
Well I can't explain it, but I met the man I know I've been waiting for forever.  He lives in Canada and I'm in Colorado - but we're meeting in the middle in Montana and going from there. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity you've given us.  We'd love to hear from other international soulmates who can give us any pointers! 

Thank you - this is truly a site of miracles.
Englewood, CO

Coast to Coast True Love

I would like to discontinue my membership. . .because you did your job so well!!  (LOL)   I was fortunate enough to 'meet' a wonderful man from the first day I joined your service.  We have so much in common and the connection was immediate.  The opportunity to know each other, without your service, would have been unlikely as we were living on opposite coasts. 
My lifestyle and career did not permit me the time to meet someone in the 'traditional' manner.  Who would have thought someone could find a true love on the Internet??  I have to say that I think you get to...

Love of my life

Hi! I sought to remove myself from your list because I have found the love of my life. I truly apreciate the part you played in my relationship and will recommend your site to any interested parties.  Thank you in advance for removing me or helping me to do so. Blessings!

The power of intention

Two years ago now I created a profile on your site.  I liked that there was a site for spiritualy dedicated people and I also understand the power of intention.  If I really wanted a partner in my life I had to show up, yet being an extremely busy person no time seemed available in my life; this site was my answer. Through developing a profile I became clear on who I am and also on who would truly complement me.  This was incredibly invaluable to me, this process prepared me for the magic of perfect connection, someone who I casually bumped into on a business trip and then months later in...

Special Someone Found


Great Job!

I want to thank you for the great job you do! I have
found someone special and would like for you to remove
my profile from your website...

Thanks again,

Words of Encouragement

I want to thank you for being the vehicle for finding my soulmate!
I would like you to please remove my profile from the database
since I no longer need it there! 
I want to encourage others to open their search up to the whole
planet, instead of just local areas.  If I hadn't, I wouldn't have found
him.  (He's in Canada, and I am in US)  Also...don't just go by the
photo.  He didn't end up looking at all like I expected....he is...

Soul Mates Together

Yes, I would like to request my profile be removed from the site. I did indeed meet the man of my dreams through your incredible site! We have been together for nearly a year and a half now, and i have no doubt that I have found my soul mate. We are happier together than either of us has ever been in any other relationship.
Thank you for everything and all the best!
Megan J

International Connection

Thank you for your letter.
I actually met someone through your site and we are corresponding with each other. He is in Canada and so the long distance is a challenge. Please pray for us.

Beautiful Soul

Please delete my profile as I've met a beautiful soul embodying the intangible of all my searching, and the intelligence of higher mind when we allow it to express what we long for.

Energy of joining

Yes, it is true I have not logged on.

As with so many others, joining your site has brought Love deeply into my life. Partly through your site and partly because of the energy of joining that allows the Universe to get me in deeper contact with someone who was "there all the time" but I hadn't realized. (Across the sea stuff. We're soon to meet in person.)

So - it\'s time to say Thank you and to take me off the list!

Blessings on all your endeavours and a heartfelt thanks.

Love 'n' Light


Match made in Heaven!

Hi Joy,

On your site, I am "*****" and the women I finally met in person is "*****".  I live in Denver, CO and she lives in Salt Lake City, UT.  We've had a flurry of email and many phone calls the past two weeks. We found that each of us was exactly what we've been asking the universe to deliver. 

I am a licensed Avatar Master for the Avatar Courses you would find at  She also teaches at a course called the Awakening. We\'ve both experienced very enlightened states of consciousness and live our life mostly free of judgment and...

Gloriously in love

Hi there!

I have met someone through the site (though he didn't show up in matches...we just synchronistically were
both logged on the site at the same time). We have fallen fully and gloriously in love.

Thank you.

Bright Blessings, Havi

Colorado and DC Connect!

Another member and I have been spending most of our time together after a trip half way cross the country.  So it seems we may best be put in the 'suscessfull' heading and you can cancel my subscription.  Thanks!  ******* ~
I'm ******** and am very happy to have found *******.  Having a delightful summer here in his Colorado and then we're going to my DC.   

I met the love of my life!

I met the love of my life, the greatest spiritual connection and deepest most passionate love I have ever known on your site.   We've met a couple of times now and I am heading for Salt Lake City from Denver next Friday to be with her for 4th of July and looking for a house for us in Denver, too.  

She is "******" on the web site and I am "******".  The photo was taken in Grand Junction, Colorado two weeks ago.  If ever I was head over heels "in love", it's now.  Thank you for bringing us together and especially for the essay questions that caused...

Better than conventional sites!

A note to thank you for your dating site.  I spent over two months posting and emailing ladies on a couple well known conventional dating sites to no avail.  A month or so after posting on your site I met a super gal.  Ten months later we're still dating.  I feel it's important to connect with others who have similar metaphysical realities and values.  I've kept my paid subscription up these ten months as a "thank you" for your great dating service.  It's the best I found for metaphysical singles.

Lee R.

The gift of 'time'

I really appreciate your site; being a very busy woman involved in the 'real' world with issues of consciousness, having a profile, presence and purpose that intimidates many if not most men, your site has afforded me an opportunity to be anonymous and yet engage in deep dialogue without revealing all of who I am inappropriately.  I have 'met' several very interesting men and have fascinating dialogues going with them at this time.  In this you have given me something I don't have enough of--- time!
You will be pleased to know that...

Better than E-Harmony

To whom it may concern,
I wanted to let you know that I have cancelled my account because I am not interested in dating at this time. I did want to say that I think this sight is really great. Here is why. I have been a member of I am also out of organized religion. This sight got me into a group of free thinkers. People who are "conscious". My favorite thing is that the questions you asked on the profile told me more about the person whom I was interviewing than anything on E-Harmony. Men would really take their time and answer the questions. Thank you for...

Miracle in my life!

I\'ve found the love of my life......on your website!

I thank all of you SO much for the great profile questions which supported me in really showing up and revealing who I am.  The essay questions really asked me to ge very clear on exactly what I wanted in relationship and in a partner.

After having done that excercise (and preparing myself through the years through my own inner work) I have found the man of my dreams who is so totally beyond any and all desires I could write in the profile......I'm still awestruck and incredibly grateful for any and all who took part...

The other miracle!

Hello Joy,

The Quest paid off far more than my wildest dreams.  I had a vision of the ideal woman and Lynds is inifinitely more compatible than my mind could ever create. I am in total awe of the relationship we are creating and often humbled to tears of joy.

I can feel the unconditional love of God pouring through Lynds heart of soul and at the same time she and I are very human and vulnerable which only evokes the tenderest loving feelings.  Like Lynds, the essay questions really underscored both my own clarity and being able to see a clear picture of her...