Success Stories


Perfect in our Imperfections

Dear Jill,

We both thank you deeply from our souls as we have met and married thanks to you and your beautiful site. We had spent countless hours on the phone for 5 months and then planned to meet "live" on Jan,18, 2019 in India. (I am from the USA and Tenzing is from India).  We went to Nepal and Rishikesh, 3 weeks in each place, and met some very special Lamas in Nepal. These Lamas told us that our destiny was to be married before the Tibetan New Year, and we both felt the same, so we did!

We are now planning our lives in Divine union and wanting to express our thanks for your site and inspire others who will be sharing their dances of Divine Love with each other. We recommend taking the time to learn about the perfect imperfections we all have, and to know that we are compatible in accepting each other whole and complete as we are perfect in our imperfections.

Thanks again, we Love you All.
Eugene and Tenzing