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Our Souls Recognized Each Other

Hi there!  

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your wonderful site. 

Being new to the whole online dating thing, I figured I would just have a look around. To do my first search, I just plugged in the age range and that I was looking for a male partner, I left the location blank just to see what would come up. (I like to live dangerously) David was actually one of the very first matches that I got!  His profile looked promising, but he lives in Australia and I live in the US.  "What the heck, I can just say hello."  We instantly connected and had a lot in common and started talking via your site … a LOT. Since we lived so far apart, we figured that we would just be friends and help build each other up for that special person in their life. Little did we know that WE would be that special person! The more we talked, the more we connected and the more we realized that we might have found what we were looking for. We finally met in person when I went to visit him in Sydney and the only weirdness was that there was no weirdness at all!  We just clicked, it was as if our souls recognized each other. He recently he came to visit me here in Orlando and the time together was so comfortable.  (Australia to US airfare is no joke!)  

It's kind of strange when you think that it's only been about a year, it feels like so much longer than that, like we have known each other forever. I could go on and on and on about how wonderful David is, and how lucky I am to have found him, I'm sure he would be able to do the same in reverse too. I know it sounds so corny, but I have found the love of my life and I have you to thank.  There's no way I would have found him all the way over there on my own. 

One of the greatest things about your site is how easy it is to communicate and connect with like minded people. Meeting online is a fantastic way to really get to know someone, especially if you talk to each other as much as David and I do!  And even if you aren't looking for a "relationship", it's a great place to meet people with similar interests with whom you can chat with and maybe become friends.

So thank you again for making it possible to meet my wonderful husband!

p.s. I’ve included a wedding pic  :)


Hi Jill, 

Thank you for the sweet reply! 

People should absolutely be open to location! I think, in the beginning, the distance really helped us. Since we were so far apart it was really easy to be 100% "this is me, like it or leave it". lol  We would take turns asking a "question of the day." It gave us a great opportunity to really have in depth conversations, and really get to know each other on a deeper, less superficial level. 

As for your question, we got married in Orlando and are currently working on our visa application for me to live in Sydney. It's a bit of a wait, but we know that it's SO worth it. 

We would be so honored to have you share our story! 

And man! The site was right on target, we ARE compatible! And not just kinda, we are really well matched. We do have disagreements of course, but being so far apart it's easier to recognize what's really important and work through it. 

Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful arena to meet and get to know each other!!  <3
Frankie and David 

p.s. Full disclosure: when I first started on the site I read a bunch of the success stories and thought "yeah, right." 

Aaaannd now I'm writing one!