Success Stories


Long-Distance Strikes Again!

Dear Jill, 
I think that I signed up for 6 months because I wanted to find a vegetarian and spiritual mate and didn't know how long it would take?!
But by last Valentine's day I was crazy in love with a younger woman who was vegetarian and spiritual, but was living in Botswana, Africa. 
We arranged to meet and I flew there in August with some of my family fearing that it was a scam!?  But we had talked (emails and Zoom) and I believed we were soulmates (I had recently lost my wife and she was getting a divorce). 
So I flew almost half way around the world (Colorado to Gaborone).  We met and decided to get married by lobola (tribal marriage) but we could not go to her native village in Zimbabwe, as Covid was bad and not sure I could get back for my flight. 
So we did ceremony in a park near where she lives while her ancestors were having a party in Zimbabwe! 
I stayed with her for 58 days and then returned to USA.  We are working on getting her here. but have decided that may be best for me to travel back and civilly marry and then go for spouse visa rather than do finance' visa (Eva read some articles on internet and got discouraged). 
So Evangelista and I consider ourselves a success story of your service! 
Larry and Eva.