Success Stories


California Vegan Meets New Yorker With Everything She's Looking For!

I had just about GIVEN UP on finding someone with whom I had chemistry AS WELL as who met the "criterion" of being a vegan (or on their way).  That was until a certain person contacted me, all the way from NY... I'm in CA. 

Well, despite the "2439" miles between us, our first email date was astounding... phone calls after did not disappoint, and after being on FOUR different veggie dating sites for the last FOUR years and not feeling trustworthy of chatting with but one or two people, I finally feel good about saying that we are meeting for the first time in person in June.... and i can't wait!  :) 

Thank you for giving me hope for online dating.  I was a skeptic for sure, but a hopeless romantic at heart... it really is possible to meet someone who you will love to get to know better, even if he/she is not within your 20 mile search diameter....

Thank you!