Success Stories


Tampa and Ashville Success

I just would like to say that I was originally very reluctant to join any sort of dating site and upon the request of my Wonderful Mother, I did. I was pleasantly surprised how many truly wonderful people I came in contact with.

It was only perhaps a few days on the site, that I met this EXTRA WONDERFUL man, that although he lives in Ashville, NC and I in Tampa, FL- the connection is one that cannot be ignored.

We have only known each other for perhaps 3 weeks and yet there is such a strong connection that we are both in a place of awe and heartfelt devotion.

This beautiful relationship has been born nothing of the physical and it is simply incredible.

Thank You for this site, however I am so completely satisfied, that I have no longer any desire to continue meeting anyone else.
The others that I have already met- that are not this specific person- we have become good friends already and I know that will continue to grow.

Could you please cancel my subscription today, so that I will not be billed the 16.95 for another month?
Although, I am cancelling, it is certainly NOT due to dissatisfaction….
On the contrary!

What a beautiful, sweet surprise it has been to meet the special soul I have been blessed to have met!
Thank you so much for creating this site, as skeptical as I was originally, it has turned me 360 degrees.
I would recommend this site to my friends for sure!