Success Stories


The Universe was orchestrating this union!!

In January 2009 I joined your site after having seen a local poster advertising the site because I was simply curious... I never imagined that I would actually meet my life partner online!!

But within one day I received an email from a man who sounded like a wonderful, spiritual, kind-hearted soul and we began emailing each other and getting to know each other "from the inside out". Our feelings deepened for one another and by the time we actually met in person 7 weeks later, we were already in love!!

The funny thing is Peter had seen the same poster as me, as we lived in the same small town (but had never met). He joined the site the same time I did. The whole time we were emailing and getting to know one another I had the strong feeling that it was our destiny to meet... that the Universe was orchestrating this union!!

It is now a year and a half later. Six months ago the Universe again orchestrated the events which enabled us to move in together. We are so happy - sharing our lives, enjoying our mutual interests, and growing spiritually together in a committed lifetime relationship that has brought our hearts much love, peace and fulfillment, and our lives much more fun!

Thank you for being the agent that has brought us together, fulfilling our heart's deepest desires. We are so grateful...

All Blessings,

Cathy and Peter