Success Stories


in love in Italy

Yes- the site really was potent and most useful in bringing us together, and I think we will both be recommending it openly to anyone with similar needs ;-) The immediate connection between our profiles and images on the site has grown -almost instantaneously- into the deepest, firmest, most committed and obviously right way forward: we feel synchronised, and very ready for very new directions in our lives and work, together...

For me, the site was a good open, in-depth and meaningful way to intend a good relationship; I like the language that you use very much, and the metaphor of being open, thinking positively and being in the light. All my adult years I have felt that this connection that I have with Sergio might be possible, but that it was a very high goal, and might even be elusive within my own lifetime! :-o However, recently, through some significant discipline and self-reflection, I came to a more peaceful inner state, at the same time as creating the appropriate space and intention in my routine and lifestyle, for the right person to come into it. My vision of this person was not a specific one, but a sort of underlying knowing about what makes me feel alive, supported, nourished, and excited about being connected in the world. :-)  My meeting Sergio, even before we saw each other in the physical, it truly felt immediate, real deep. My huge expectations and very high standards have finally been met, and my enthusiasm and vitality matched: I could not feel more blessed! :-D

I must admit that I did not initially think that the site would provide an easy answer, and I also did not feel it in my energy to 'put out' and communicate- I felt that this 'future man' would contact me first. And he did, after I had only been a member for a few weeks... our dialogue quickly grew, blossomed, and then practically took over the garden! Our recent meeting in real time was utterly astounding, really; we are astounded, joyful and just full of love!

Although I am certain that people with a little more cynicism and fear than ourselves might be concerned about the speed and intensity of our coming together, but it is so right, so clear: this is the time, and all of this is grounded, has immense potential, and makes us both feel whole, vibrant, etc, etc, etc!
The practical details of connecting our lives, across a good distance (Italy-Scotland!), these will be minor investments and stresses (handled with laughter, sharing, mutual support) compared with the huge happiness and positive shift in our lives that we will be reaping, we know this in our hearts :-)

Thank you, really thank you for being the door through which we have walked. I am so glad that I overcame my closedness to such things (i.e. internet dialogue on the theme of love!), and gave it a try- the thought now of not having this incredible man who is so obviously perfect for me in my life, it simply doesn't bear thinking about!

VERY best wishes to all the team, and please feel free to use my words in any way that you need, to promote the positive possibilities of your site and services!

With love and gratitude :-)