Success Stories


Marriage in 2010!

My Lifelong Search for a loving partner has been fulfilled. Our first contact on your site was November 24, 2009. Her profile was so inviting I felt sympathetic vibrations and said I would like to meet her. It was such a relief to meet someone with a clear spiritual interest. There was a natural fit.

After two weeks, I invited her to visit. She arrived from Bogota, Colombia on December 20 for two weeks. We felt so amazingly grounded, open, loving, calm and with parallel life paths, that we became engaged December 28. We plan marriage in May 2010.

The essential and key ingredient in our relationship is our respective spiritual commitment to ourselves and to our respective spiritual experience. Yes, we have had several “freakouts”, however, our spiritual grounding enabled us to return to each other and see the experience as one more learning experience on our paths.

I am so grateful for your website and its focus on spiritual singles. We both feel ECK/HaShem prepared us in 2009 for meeting and coming together. We feel each of us is so much more than we ever expected or hoped for in a partner.

Thank you.
David M.