Success Stories


Partnership Unlike Any Other

On May 2nd, I discovered a truly amazing, beautiful and brilliant woman through your site.  Thanks to her well-written, in-depth profile - and mine - we were quickly able to recognize our compatibility.  We spoke on the phone for hours before we met, and when we did, we knew that something remarkable was taking place.  Our relationship truly blossomed a short time later, with both of us falling in love.  Today, we're creating a partnership unlike any other that we've ever experienced. 

Thanks for creating the medium that brought us together! 

Oh, and here's an important point:  Keep the fact somewhat of a secret that when you click on "Interested" on a person's profile, the other person is notified.  Without that feature, I would have never contacted my new paramour as she was outside of my specified geographic area. 

Thanks again! 

All the best, 

Mark G.